About Sunleaf

About Sunleaf

From and for Origin

By choosing the quality teas of Sunleaf®, you automatically support the Fair-grounds Foundation! The Fair-grounds Foundation has the social and sustainable objective to improve the living and working conditions of the people in the tea producing countries. Via the Foundation, €0.50 per kilo goes directly to the population of Sri Lanka in the form of education, medical development and housing. 

This makes our tea just that little different.  

Hand picked

Hand-picked in Sri Lanka

Sunleaf® Original Teas originate on the beautiful, high altitude tea estates in Sri Lanka. There, the tea plant with its botanical name ‘Camellia sinensis’ grows under the perfect conditions in a cool and foggy climate on steep hills.

Carefully, only the best leaves are selected by the women on the tea estates and picked purely by hand. After being hand-picked, the leaves are withered, broken and combined with delicious fruits and spices. To finally being packed directly in Sri Lanka in the various Sunleaf® Original Teas packaging. Garden fresh!