About Sunleaf

About Sunleaf

From and for Origin

Sunleaf® Original Teas is a delightful authentic tea. An innovative combination of the best sun-ripened fruit and freshly picked tea. A well-balanced assortment of flavours and trendy design.

Sunleaf is there when you need a moment to reflect on things and take time to just enjoy yourself. Carefree enjoyment, as it only contains natural ingredients such as real fruit pieces, spices and (herbal) teas from the best tea leaves picked by hand at our high altitude plantations. By drinking Sunleaf, you are automatically supporting the Fair-grounds Foundation. This makes our tea just that little different.

Hand picked

Hand-picked in Sri Lanka

Sunleaf® Original Teas originate on the beautiful, high altitude tea estates in Sri Lanka. There, the tea plant  with its botanical name ‘Camellia sinensis’ grows under the perfect conditions in a cool and foggy climate on steep hills.

Carefully, only the best leaves are selected by the women on the tea estates and picked purely by hand. After being hand-picked, the leaves are withered, broken and combined with delicious fruits and spices. To finally being packed directly in Sri Lanka in the various Sunleaf® Original Teas packaging. Garden fresh!