SUNLEAF INSTANT TEA has been specially developed for hot drink vending machines. A very qualitative and competitive product. It is a spraydried (powder) instant tea in a handy bag of 400gr net. Ingredients are 77% maltodextrin* and 23% black tea.


Art no : 606.000
Dosage advice : advice 0.7g / 125ml
EAN codes : CU: 8719375004514 - TU (carton): 8719375004521
Shelf life : 24 months after production

* Maltodextrin is a powder that is often used in foods as a thickener. It is also used in medicines as a binder. The powder is extracted from corn. Maltodextrin is used in some products instead of sugar. Maltodextrin is a high-quality complex carbohydrate. It consists of complex glucose polymers and tastes moderately / slightly sweet. A saturated solution of maltodextrin in water is also called glucose syrup.